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Sales and Marketing Professional

I share my favorite tools and strategies within:
Cold Outreach, No Code, Growth Hacking, Viral Marketing, Revenue Operations, Email Marketing, Copywriting, LinkedIn Marketing, Sales and Artificial Intelligence

My clients have worked with organizations like:

About Michael Murphy

I graduated from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY where I completed a dual-major in Marketing and Information Systems. During college, I built websites and worked with SMBs and startups to develop and support marketing efforts and operations. I also interned at two startups, and worked at a marketing agency. Over the past two years, I have been working with Aaron Golub, the first legally-blind, Division-One Football Player. I worked with Aaron to develop and refine his entire cold outreach strategy. I developed the ICPs / targeting, scripts, strategy, tech stack, that has enabled him to speak at conferences, non-for-profit organizations, the Fortune 500, and universities.

I work at Calero to enable organizations with the visibility and control to optimize their technology expenses. Calero has a comprehensive suite of Technology Expense Management Software and managed services that unify Software as a Service, Unified Communications, Telecom, and Mobility Expenses across all your vendors in a single pane of glass. This provides savings through visibility into and identification of redundant apps and waste, as well as auditing invoices against real usage data, all saving an organization both time and money.

Calero is proud to support:
  • 5 Of The Top 6 Global Credit Card Companies
  • 8 of 10 of The Top US Banks
  • 3 of 5 Top US Automotive Manufacturers
  • 10 Of The Top 15 US Universities
  • 3 of the Top 5 Beverage Companies
  • 3 of The Top 5 Global Software Firms.


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